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No Document Review is an Island: Insights from the Experts

May 25th | 1:00 PM Eastern

Document review has traditionally been treated as an isolated phase of the EDRM, with most of the focus on the review protocol and legal strategy as it relates to the merits of the matter.  As data continues to exponentially grow and leveraging some level of analytics is becoming commonplace, document review needs to move out of isolation and join the eDiscovery mainland.  

This webinar will address:

  • The importance of considering the document review phase earlier in the         EDRM
  • Leveraging data management and assessment strategies before a single document is reviewed
  • Implementing a review workflow that strategically leverages the best mix of technology (in-house, third-party contractors, or a hybrid)

Chris McHenry helped found Integro in 1995. Since the company’s inception, he has played an integral role in growing the company into the prominent position it holds today, as an expert in Enterprise Content Management Solutions and IBM’s #1 partner for implementing those solutions.

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Janet Sullivan, White & Case

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