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Shrinking the File Share Beast: Yes, you can!

June 30th | 1:00 PM Eastern

Are your file shares big and unruly? Do you have trouble finding content and maintaining proper security on your data? You’ve probably heard that 80% of this data is redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT); and that it’s risky to keep. You know your organization is moving content to the cloud, and it just doesn’t make sense to move the ROT and pay cloud costs to store and secure it. But what can be done? 

The answer seems clear - rid the organization of content that no longer has business value. What may not be clear is how to succeed. Join this webinar to find out how to shrink the file share beast. We’ll talk about the essential elements you need to succeed, including:

  • Building your business case
  • Getting the right stakeholder involved
  • Identifying ROT to be disposed
  • Preserving corporate records
  • Respecting privacy regulations and legal holds
  • Managing both legacy and day-forward content

Chris McHenry helped found Integro in 1995. Since the company’s inception, he has played an integral role in growing the company into the prominent position it holds today, as an expert in Enterprise Content Management Solutions and IBM’s #1 partner for implementing those solutions.

“Clean House” Before you Move!

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